Notable New Zealand

The third trip of my travels was Kiwi Experience’s “Whole Kit & Caboodle” for 33 days, from Auckland, all the way back to Auckland.

My route through the North Island down to the South Island and back up to the North Island!

Below are six blog posts which tell you all about the incredible experiences I had whilst travelling through The Bay of Islands, Auckland to Rotorua, Rotorua to Nelson, Nelson to Hokitika, Hokitika to Queenstown, and Queenstown to Auckland!

Kiwi Experience Part One – The Bay of Islands

Kiwi Experience Part Two – The North Island

Kiwi Experience Part Three – Rotorua to Nelson

Kiwi Experience Part Four – Jonny arrived to join me in New Zealand

Kiwi Experience Part Five – The South Island

Kiwi Experience Part Six – Queenstown to Auckland